Monday, May 4, 2009

The Paper Angels experience

So it's over and as usual, I'm left with a huge mountain of bills to pay. I always say that theater artists are secret masochists.

I was on line at HSBC this afternoon with the box office cash, behind an old man playing with the dentures in his mouth and an old lady consulting her savings account book (she had $829 and deposited $300 the previous week). The line was LONG. I got the distinct feeling that 80% of the crowd had never mastered ATM machines. With the check coming from Theatermania and some of my paycheck this week, I'll have just enough to cover everyone's fees. Except mine of course.

But the production went well despite six rehearsals turning into two because of double-booking in the space, and me losing my voice, and the lead musician turning out to be a nasty snooty bitch... We had packed houses and very good responses and the actors were generally great to hang out with. Wish that I hadn't gotten sick so I could have sent invitations to more foundations. I think though that this isn't the end of PAPER ANGELS... full-production this fall? Hooray for masochistic activities!

Our hot promotional pictures above were taken by Damian Wampler. Jan Lee at Sinotique is an amazing guy for letting us use his space and borrow props:

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