Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hurrication in NYC

Just wanted to post a few pictures from NYC post-hurricane. A beautiful time of people coming together to share resources. One of the reasons I love the Lower East Side. No where else like it. 

The few places that had generators offered neighbors electricity to charge their phones, at least until they started running out of gas... This charging station was at TNC. There was a constant line of at least ten people, I was told.

Free tofu at Commodities!
Free ramen at Rai Rai Ken!

Free curry at Sapporo!

Jeff and I chow down on some free curry. Delicious.

The lit-up deli is like a beacon in the dark East Village.

How gorgeous the restaurants were, all quiet and lit by candles.

Avenue A in the dark.

Avenue A restaurant Flea Market in the dark.

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