Monday, January 27, 2014

Borough and Tate: London Markets (Part 2)

The guidebook said that Borough Market is known as the foodie market, so naturally, I made my way down there, with the idea of walking along the Thames and going to the Tate Modern afterwards. While there, I realized that a lot of people went to the market to eat. Sure there were vegetables and meat, but there were also a lot of stalls that made food. I did have a bite at one of the Turkish stalls, but there aren't any shots of the sandwiches and things that were also available. The following day, I came back and ate at an Indian food stall (£6 for two items and rice), had a delicious brownie (£2) and a mulled wine (£3.50). Definitely a market to visit if you like food. And if you like the community and street life of markets. 

Borough Market with the Shard in the background. 
The market is in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral.
Similar to how the markets in Taiwan are usually by a temple. 
Fresh eggs. 

Nice farmer's stall. I bought some figs. 

Love these kinds of tomatoes. In Venice, I was told that they were for cooking. No idea they were called "Cow's Heart".  And jeez, they're expensive. 

Turkish Delight in all manners of flavors. And I thought Asia had invented gummy candy. 

I was really wired after Turkish Delight and Turkish Coffee. 

They apparently do hunt pheasants in England. 

These pies actually look really good. 
I'll have to ask someone just what is a banger boy.  

A nice walk along the Thames with St. Paul's in the distance.
Tate Modern - it's FREE!!!! 
Surrealist exhibit visited by the ghost of Magritte. 

I was really struck by the perfection of this piece by Meredith Frampton. In the corner (not sure if you can see it), there's a crack on the wall. See below. 

Self-portrait on a detail of Meredith Frampton's painting. 

Christian Schad painting. Amazing portrait of jealousy. The woman has a cut on her face. 

Detail of another painting by Meredith Frampton. So gorgeous. 

Another incredible painting by Christian Schad of two people from a sideshow. Love the directness of their gaze. 

Soviet propaganda posters. 
I found myself in a room with several large pieces of grey glass leaning against the wall. It was a piece by Gehardt Richter so I amused myself by making Gerhardt Richter-ish portraits:

There was also an exhibit of photographs by Harry Callahan. I loved the double exposures and thought it would be interesting to superimpose my reflection on the double exposures. Sort of like a triple exposure.

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