Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sci-Fi and I

A few weekends ago, I made a little money working a booth at the World Science Fiction Convention for Skyboat Media, an audiobook company based in Los Angeles. I kind of surprised myself at the exhibit. Wouldn't think of myself as a science fiction aficionado, but I actually have read quite a bit of that genre.

I didn't have my Lumix on me and the iPhone 3 that I borrowed after my phone went missing leaves a little to be desired when it comes to pictures. So I made a list of what I thought was interesting instead. The next day, I did bring my Lumix and took some pictures, but I still think the list is more interesting.
Boys and their toys
Small platoon of medieval Asian people
Steampunk fail
Pigeons & UFOs, fantasies of flight
No we are not associated with the L Ron Hubbard material on the next table
Atavistic reaction to things whizzing by
Geeks and freaks
A couple in camo
Batman with a bucket
     (oh he's collecting for Heritage Trust)
Random punk rocker with major mohawk
Cute boy in a yellow tie who bites his nails
Long-haired dude with dangling earrings
Her friend in a big blue bustle and an ill-fitting corset
Piercing eyes, the kind I like
Trekkie sighting
DON'T PANIC says the tote-bag
Fellow with a limp swinging a shopping bag
Leia looking for Luke
Luke looking for something to jab with his light saber
Interesting hair
Mama's giant purple dress is too long
Word-os instead of typos for audiobooks
No no no we are not scientologists
Full chain mail armor and crown!
     (He goes swish clink when he walks)
Barefoot fairy hippie chick
It's in drag and it's purple, what is it?
     (It's identified itself as Ursula from The Little Mermaid)
Sweet geeky girl in horn-rimmed glasses
Dystopia dates from John Henry Mills
Martha Washington has a purple knapsack
Biker with a quiver full of arrows
The guy in a kilt has very shiny shoes
Sulky pre-teen with green hair
     (Her mom carries her plastic swords)
Eye-patch and underbite (arrr!)
Sikh science fiction geeks
I guess I should know something about Dr. Who?
Creative eyebrows
Bowler hats

My view from the audiobook table. 

We were selling downloads of audiobooks. Basically, someone would purchase these postcards with a link to download the book.

To the right was this table of L. Ron Hubbard material (scary) and just beyond it was Pigeon Sim, where people could simulate flight over London by standing in front of a device and flapping their arms. 

To the left was a company selling helicopter drone things. So basically we had flapping to the right, whizzing to the left. The dog couldn't get enough of the drone.  

He finally caught it and wouldn't let go. 

Two guys playing with their new drone. 


Some people came in costume. 
Steampunk meets Disco Queen.  
I never saw an officer's outfit like this. 

The hat is authentic! 

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