Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not Your Peon (a short rant)

I just said no to a Production Coordinator job for a short film and the (paltry but much needed) $600 that went with it. Good script but I do not need someone else treating me like a nonentity.

"Call me in the morning," he emails.
"Okay, I gotta be in Brooklyn at 10:30 so I'll call you at 9."
"Not before 9:30," he replies.

This was at 2AM last night. Oh okay so I'm gonna get up earlier and hustle to Brooklyn by 10 and sit on a stoop to call him, so I can accommodate his wish for a little more sleep? And I'm not only filing SAG paperwork and getting insurance and finding locations (within two weeks!), but I also volunteered to do a script breakdown and shooting schedule (no 1st AD on this shoot) because I can't stand a poorly organized production. The only thing I wanted was a Producer credit rather than Production Assistant, which for some reason he thinks I am. And rather than jumping for joy that someone would actually take on more responsibility, this guy (an older writer and actor) says, "Call me at a time that's totally inconvenient for you so I know how badly you want this job."

I actually did wake up earlier to convenience him, but then I thought that this augurs poorly for how I'd be treated for the rest of the production. Ugh but I gotta scrounge up some cash...

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